Activate Causal Leadership™ and begin a path you have never imagined

Causal Leadership is leadership with purpose.  Individuals who make an investment in themselves in order to accelerate positive change are Causal Leaders.  Causal Leadership is a choice to experience each day through the lens of contribution. Causal Leadership emerges when positive change prevails.


Causal Leadership is a continuum of impact – from the Policy Table of an organization, to the Kitchen Table of our communities.


Step Into Your Greatness

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Recent Bookings

• American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)

• Camp Experience

• Colorado Sickle Cell Foundation

• Colorado State University

• Family Voices – National Headquarters

• Oklahoma Family Network

• PACER Center – Minnesota

• Patient Centered Primary Care Collaborative


• PEAK Parent Center – Colorado

• University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill

• World Congress on Health






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