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Activate Causal Leadership™ and begin a path you have never imagined

When your organization creates a culture of Causal Leadership, positive change is the outcome.  Causal Leaders are:


    • employees empowered to share innovative ideas to increase productivity

    • members of a work group who analyze a challenge and create a solution

    • community members who care about their neighborhood

    • parents who invest time with their children  and promote their gifts

    • civic leaders who stand in the gap for marginalized populations

    • young people who harness their wisdom to develop solutions

    • partners who come together in their communities for collective impact

    • patients who streamline the health care system


Causal Leadership is a dedication to change.  It is an intention to share knowledge, gifts and abilities to make a difference.  Causal Leadership crosses boundaries of demographics, public/private sectors, industries, neighborhoods and cultures.  It’s a commitment, not a program.