"Holly makes God recognizable in everyday life."

Lauren - Highlands Ranch

I want to give this book to this little girl's parents because I think they feel pretty alone. I'm hoping it helps, and I believe it will validate what we all know--silence doesn't equate to anything except silence. Not intelligence, not desire to connect, not lack of awareness. One of my hardest jobs when I walk into a school is often having to convince educators never to underestimate any child, and never to claim to know why they do or don't behave a certain way.


Please thank Holly for her book. Please let her know that she will be helping xxxxx parents.  Shari Wilson - Special Education Advocate

Wow! Wow! Wow!  I have read this three times now and have tears in my eyes each time!  It is amazing how one can blossom so much when they are surrounded by a loving family and God!  Sometimes those blooms take a little longer to develop but it is just so inspiring to see what true love, dedication, never ending hope can do for someone…. You are an amazing mom, wife, friend, and leader Eileen!!!

"When I heard Holly's story it took me back to a time in my life.  A time when I knew someone who wasn't able to communicate and yet...she was - in her own way.  I wonder now what thoughts she had, what feelings no one ever really understood.  It truly made my heart sing to hear of Holly's incredible journey - the journey you have all shared with her - and how she has been able to reach her dreams.  Thank you for letting me into your lives.  I am truly honored.  You will forever live in my heart."




 I shared Hollys YouTube interview with a client who was struggling with why God allows mental illness and other disabilities and it really helped her see the masterpiece in everyone. Thanks!


-Margaret - California

I want to thank you for inspiring so many people. I have a son with autism who is nonverbal and we talk everyday! We all have something to say. I met your mom a few times when she came to North Dakota and I work with Family Voices of ND. Your book is amazing and I am going to share with many. One day I hope to meet you in person. Thank you Holly!


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Thank you for sharing your beautiful spirit and story. At 22 you have more wisdom than many of us could ever hope to find in a lifetime. Love, kindness and taking care of each other are absolutely what matter most. I am so touched by your beautiful story and will share it with those I love and care about to move your message forward. Hugs to you beautiful Holly, for making this world a better place and for teaching all of us what really matters.


Fondly, Polli

"We are so pleased and excited that you will be able to come share Holly's story with our community!  Her courage and positive attitude toward life, despite her limitations, should speak volumes to all of us....but especially to those of us who are experiencing increasing limitations ourselves in this stage of our lives."


Submitted by a resident in a Senior Living community